~ Box-Fit - Improve hand-eye coordination along with general fitness in this boxing-based class.


~ Circuit - Learn a wide variety of free weight and body weight exercises as you move from station to station assisted by a timer.


~ Core/Circuit - A core specific class designed to build strength and stability in the midsection.


~ Pump - A total body workout with lighter weights. Exercises are choreographed to the music to keep you motivated throughout the class.


~ Spin - This high cardio and low impact class helps build endurance levels while conditioning legs to power up hills.


~ Step - A fun way to move your feet. Follow the moves, sing along and enjoy this popular party style class.


~ Stretch - Breathe, relax and unwind. A stretch based classed focusing on improving flexibility, blood flow, recovery and reducing muscle/joint stress due to exercise.

To book a class, please phone on - 03 3322 604